Organise, Identify, Verify, Clarify, Classify, Amplify, Diversify


 Comprehensive contracting service offering library and archive, knowledge/information, content/editorial management and  administration services for organisations, groups, individuals and special interest groups


  Information, Knowledge and Library Management


  • Library management and maintenance services (physical and digital)
  • Archival stewardship, oversight and augmentation (physical and digital)
  • Cataloguing, collection inventory and related resource creation projects 
  • Support for specific projects involving significant volumes of content generation, information and content management, and maintenance(physical and digital).
  • Knowledge and information management services and advice.
  • Deployment of content resources, knowledgebases, and mission-supporting collateral to either internal or external audiences.
  • Copyright and intellectual property oversight

     Information Research Services
  • Bibliography research/ literature searching, research support and related scoping  / verification services
  • Online and offline information data research and report compilation services
  • Business information research
  • Bespoke academic, historical,  press, picture, public, private, library/archival/online research support.


          Content Generation, Creation and 



  • Content management, continuous update and related services (Physical and digital)
  • Newsletter creation, publications dissemination,  audience update broadcast and social media management.
  • Specialised content creation, and bespoke copywriting for the web, print, and social media presences.
  • Copy-editing, sub-editing and proofreading services for authors, academics, organisations and individuals 
  • Freelance and ad-hoc copywriting and journalism
  • Current Awareness Services and Press Monitoring 
  • Current awareness, media monitoring, policy and legislation tracking. 
  • Strategic dissemination of information services
  • Commercial opportunity research and tracking  


       Administration and Secretariat Services

  • Secretariat, administration, membership and information management services for organisations  Special Interest Groups, Communities of Practice, organisations and individuals




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